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Welcome to SpeediARMS

SpeediARMS (Applicant Recruiting Management System) provides a complete solution for tracking everything from job requisitions and job postings, to every applicant’s resume and the status of the applicant through the hiring process. Direct integration to SpeedEEO ensures that all applicant and hiring information is consistent with your AAP. All applicant information is automatically available within your AAP for reporting and updating your AAP without imports/exports required by other solutions.

Unlike other applicant tracking solutions available, the developers of SpeediARMS are experts in Affirmative Action Planning and have in depth knowledge of OFCCP requirements and audit policies. Speediware designed SpeediARMS to ensure the best possible compliance with the OFCCP requirements while providing a state of the art user interface for ease of use and maximum efficiency.

Save Time and Money with SpeediARMS

SpeediARMS is the only completely integrated solution to fulfill all of your Affirmative Action needs. Utilizing SpeedEEO and SpeediARMS, your organization can create a fully compliant Affirmative Action Plan and maintain it properly while managing all job requisitions and applicants from the initial job posting phase through the hiring process.

There are several Applicant Tacking systems on the market and only a few Affirmative Action Planning solutions, none of them can offer what our Speediware suite of products offer; unprecedented integration of your Applicant Tracking and your Affirmative Action Plan in a completely web based solution. This level of integration is very important for data consistency between your corporate job openings/hires and what is being reported to the OFCCP on your AAP. Not to mention the countless hours of time saved from data imports/exports/cleanup required by other solutions.

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